Get to know our Immune profiling services

Our highly trained team of immunologists leverage knowledge of immune response, disease understanding and therapeutic expertise to provide a diverse set of tools for immune monitoring and profiling. We have multiple universal assays developed that will give you more answers for the same sample volume.


Measurable or minimal residual disease testing is used to identify the small number of cancer cells in the body after treatment. Applicable in both clinical trial testing and as a personalized medicine tool, MRD is used to determine whether a cancer treatment is working and guide further treatment plans. The testing necessitates high accuracy and precision therefore requires intimate understanding of the disease state as well as expertise in the flow cytometry analysis. Navigate BioPharma has developed industry leading MRD analytical tools for ALL, CLL, CML, Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma

Immunogenicity assays

Immunogenicity assays are complex and integral to biologic treatment development. We have the solutions you need for immunogenicity testing from pre-clinical through clinical development.