Flow Cytometry

Our state-of-the-art flow cytometers cover both regulated and exploratory clinical applications with up to 28 parameters. We also have one of the largest scientific teams in the clinical lab industry with over 200 years of cumulative clinical experience. 













Our Flow Cytometry applications includes: 

  • Immune cells composition and function
  • Disease progression and monitoring
  • Cellular kinetics

Cell Therapy Clinical Development Support by Flow Cytometry:

  • High Dimensional Flow Cytometry Assay to fulfill manufacturing, PK & Biomarker endpoint in cell and gene therapy Clinical Trials
  • Drug levels
    • Accurate identification and reporting of cell and gene therapy levels 
    • Receptor Occupancy
  • Drug efficacy
    • Correlation of cell and gene therapy clinical response with Measurable Residual Disease (MRD) assessments
    • Superior prediction of survival by MRD
  • Resistance and safety
    • Evolution of target negative cells versus disease relapse
    • Emergence of early B-cells versus IVIG administration

MRD Assays at Navigate


We have multiple Flow Cytometry assays to monitor T-cell modulation including: 

  • T/NK Exhaustion
  • T-Resistance
  • T cell proliferation
  • T-maturation
  • T-differentiation 
  • T/B-regulatory 

With a broad range of panels for biomarker and clinical endpoint assessment, we are your go-to laboratory for high-complexity flow cytometry analysis.