Who we are

We are passionate about science and finding ways to provide the answers you need to guide drug development, make patient treatment decisions and determine QC for manufacturing. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Navigate BioPharma is a specialty clinical research organization that takes on complex issues for our pharma and biotech partners. We utilize our deep scientific knowledge, diversity of experience, adaptability and regulatory success to design customized offerings and laboratory services that help bring new treatments to market faster.












Our History


Navigate started as a small department within Genoptix, a CAP/CLIA laboratory known for providing differential diagnoses for hematological malignancies. This company set the bar for integrating the disciplines of genomics, histology, flow cytometry, karyotyping and clinical information to provide actionable answers for physicians. Navigate built upon the strengths of that patient-centric business to provide services to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the clinical trial space, knowing that there was an unmet need.


Novartis acquired Genoptix, and the BioPharma group became a Clinical Trial Center of Excellence (CTCE), providing much needed answers, expertise and know how to support clinical trials. During this time, there were several companion diagnostic programs that were being supported by the CTCE, as well as pivotal studies that we provided invaluable support to. We became known for developing assays that standard CROs either could or would not deliver on. This was also the time when the CTCE was frequently called upon to address the challenges for developing and characterizing what would become the world’s first approved CAR-T therapy.


The CTCE of Genoptix became Navigate BioPharma Services, a subsidiary of Novartis, and Novartis divested Genoptix. While the company Navigate BioPharma is young, our history is rich and our experience deep with the knowledge of nearly 20 years of biomarker development expertise. Today we continue to perform and expand services with our pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies to meet the growing demand for specialized services in clinical trials. We pride ourselves on being partners, pioneers and pathfinders and will continue to blaze new trails with our partners in the quest to continue transforming innovative treatment ideas into reality.


Navigate is powered by Novartis and continues to perform services using our core technology platforms and is expanding the application of our services with our pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic partners to meet the growing demand for specialized laboratory and analytical services.


Protecting Confidential Information Is Critical to our Business

Our Commitments to Confidentiality

Navigate is committed to improving and extending patient lives by turning innovative treatment ideas into reality by delivering high quality, world-class and innovative clinical biomarker solutions through transformative science and the power of our talent.  As part of our work towards that vision, we are routinely entrusted with confidential information from our customers and business partners.  Navigate has established and maintains robust standards for the communication and protection of such confidential information.

As an independently operating subsidiary within the Novartis Group of Companies, Navigate takes its commitment to protect confidential information seriously.

What does Navigate consider confidential information? 

At Navigate, confidential information is defined as any sensitive or proprietary information shared with Navigate by a third party that is not generally publicly available or known, and which is made available to Navigate in the course of business.

Confidentiality agreements, laboratory services agreement or similar agreement(s) with our business partners and biopharma clients may also incorporate additional specific definitions.

Navigate is committed to ensuring that confidential information is handled in accordance with applicable laws, relevant legal agreements and Navigate policies. We protect information and assets that are shared with Navigate as a secret and ensure that such information is used only for the purposes authorized.

To uphold these commitments, Navigate has created a Confidentiality Policy and corresponding safeguards, including firewalls which will continue to be evaluated and strengthened over time.