Interested in joining the Navigate BP Team?

While Navigate Biopharma Services, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novartis with shared values and philosophies, we are 100% Navigate to our core. At Navigate, we are proud of our unique personality and culture that defines what it means to be a Navigator. Our mission as a biomarker laboratory is to work in partnership with our pharmaceutical & biopharma customers to deliver scientific solutions and insights. We are committed to supporting our customers’ scientific goals and visions of bringing life-saving innovations to reality.

We are a small company driven by a big purpose. Navigate embodies the best of the San Diego biotech vibe where collaboration and innovation are hallmarks of how things get done. We enjoy tackling and overcoming tough problems together. We know that doing things the right way is the only way, because people are counting on us to deliver, and we refuse to let them down. Navigators deeply believe the work experience is as important as the work product.  We enjoy casual chats in the halls, dine together in the courtyard and genuinely enjoy doing things together. We are committed to supporting each other in our goals, our work and our personal lives, and challenge one another to help each of us grow and reach new heights. Make no mistake--our business is serious, but we choose to approach it with a warmth and openness that is energizing to all.

We are passionate about our mission and want to make a difference in the treatment of devastating diseases like cancer. We partner with pharma/biotech companies to provide assay development and testing services in support of the clinical trials necessary to develop novel therapeutics. We know that each specimen we receive represents a person with a devastating disease; therefore our results may directly affect their lives, so precision matters, accuracy matters, and timeliness matters. We cannot afford mistakes because those people cannot afford mistakes, and we consider it an honor to touch these people’s lives and help shape the future of medicine.

We are deeply committed to our customers, patients, organization, and our people, and we are also deeply committed to the communities that we are each part of. We are home to diverse nationalities and backgrounds, and we celebrate our differences, which are central to our strength. We participate in various philanthropic events and fundraisers throughout the year and have a deep commitment to the environment and our local community of Carlsbad, CA, San Diego County. To us, making an impact goes far beyond the work that we do. By nurturing these passions, we work together to amplify our impact and position our people and our organization for continued success.