Clinical Trial Testing Coverage

With end-to-end services customized for each client, we take a consultative and comprehensive approach to deliver accurate and actionable information in an effort to improve treatment outlook for clinical trial subjects. Our laboratories provide technical know-how in selecting the right testing panels/markers for your exploratory and end-point goals.

Our clinical trial testing services support navigation through all the potential hurdles and pitfalls. We can help elucidate PK/PD, preselection criteria, disease prognosis and drug efficacy diagnosis.

We support clinical trial testing with a broad portfolio of advanced laboratory capabilities utilizing state of the art, diverse technologies that can address clinical biomarker and precision medicine testing needs for every phase of clinical trials (first-in-human through global Phase III pivotal studies).

Our integrated solutions address specific clinical trial objectives including:

  • Biomarker identification
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Efficacy readouts
  • Patient inclusion
  • Disease diagnosis and prognosis

Our comprehensive services team supports end-to-end clinical trial testing including specimen storage, logistics, project management, test reporting and data management.