We have extensive experience in various disease indications

We leverage our disease progression knowledge in hematology, oncology, rare and genetic diseases with our technological expertise to determine which platform will provide you with the most accurate and objective assessment for your needs.


We look at cancer holistically, from the molecular levels to the whole body. Our team’s expertise in cancer biology helps you determine the optimal pathway to treatment development and regulatory approval. Additionally, our advanced technological platforms make it possible for you to execute on a variety of complex clinical trials.

Hematological disorders

By leveraging our world class expertise in flow cytometry, molecular testing, and ligand binding technologies, we provide the complete clinical package- from drug-target interactions to genetic characterization of patients for enrollment and critical minimal residual disease read-outs.

Autoimmune disorders

With over 100 different autoimmune disorders in existence, these diseases require ongoing monitoring of the body’s immune system at different phases of clinical trials. We provide end-to-end solutions for every phase of your autoimmune clinical development with our biomarker selection, core technologies, and clinical trial support services.

Rare disease

Rare disease is an area where detailed data is urgently important for disease diagnosis and treatment research. Our expertise can provide the support and solutions you need to overcome the complex and unique challenges of these ultra-rare conditions.